2 x Sphero Sprk Charge stations not working

Hi all, I have 24 Sphero Sprks and 2 charge stations. Both are not working.
When I plug them into power, the green light flashes on the case and there is a green light on the charging cable. When I open the case, the cradles flash blue. When I pick up any sphero I get nothing, when I tap it I get nothing? I have read the manual and troubleshoots.
Can anyone offer any help? What is going wrong here?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @naomigay,

Welcome to our forum! I’m not sure exactly what could be causing this issue, but our customer support team would be happy to help troubleshoot. You can reach them at support@sphero.com.


Hi, I noticed your question because I am having a very similar (if not the same) problem. Were you ever able to find a solution? If so, would you share what worked?