3D Printing Accessories for RVR (Share yours!)

Would love to know if anyone has been designing accessories or mods for their RVR. I have made a couple and I think it would be great if people could share their STLs or links to their designs.
I’ve made a few mounts, but the design that I’ve like the most are my “toppers” for the mounts in which it is a custom plate design that mounts ONTO the development plate. Since the holes/slots are inverted, they slide together. Additionally, I created holes/slits on side to have it strap onto the RVR (depending if you are off-roading with this thing). If you are wondering why it is in two parts, it is because I hate printing supports with certain designs…such as brick studs. Cleaning those supports are the worst and I didn’t want to print the bottom portion with supports, so I made them both printing upward to avoid this. They have plenty of clutch power as you can see from the pictures. I printed 1 in ABS and 1 in Carbon Fiber.
Why studs? Simple. I use a stud-like platform on almost all of my electronics to easily connect/move/re-connect as necessary. As you can see, they stick well.
Two reasons I did not just design and print an entire mount plate instead of a topper:

  1. Saves on the amount of material needed
  2. You cannot beat the clutch/locking power of the stock mounting plates made by Sphero. Have you felt them? Seriously, the injection molding is superior to any 3D print power from hobbyist printers.

Link to the design in thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3937521



I’m working on a mount for my camera. I’m thinking of making it work with one of my tripod quick release plates.
The main problem will be making it withstand the tension without breaking, since the filament I use is quite brittle…


What about using TPU? I use carbon fiber. Works great

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Many people can’t print with TPU unless they make some modifications to their 3D Printer.

Flexible TPU Filament

That said, if you can print with it, TPU is incrediby durable like you said.

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Oh yea for sure, I personally don’t print with TPU but just offered non-brittle filament. For some people, it might be worth going to their library and seeing if they offer printing services. At my library in Chicago suburbs, they do print on demand and you pay by the gram with different filaments.
Personally, I would buy the matching threaded piece and design it to fit within a carbon fiber or ABS base. I print a lot of ABS at my school. Started printing in carbon fiber and I love it.


I wish I could print with something other than the recycled plastic my middle school has… but it’s what I’ve got to work with. It’s also a mini printer, so I have a restriction for size as well…

You might be able to pick up your own spool of filament and use it at your school.

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I’ve thought of that, but since the only person who still goes to the school is my dad, (he’s a teacher) and since he does not know how the printer works, all I can do is send him the file and he just puts it into the printer. So I end up getting whatever color filament was used last.