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I registered my team today and paid the $75 fee. How do I access the challenge materials?

Hi @scofieldc - welcome to the Forum! Thanks for registering for the Sphero Global Challenge!

You’ll want to navigate to the specific event(s) and age bracket you want to have your students participate in here: https://www.robotevents.com/robot-competitions/sphero-global-challenge

After you register your team for the event(s), you’ll get a confirmation email with the resources.

Here’s a handy guide that walks you through the whole registration process

I went through the registration process, following that guide, and got the email from Robot Events confirming my payment for the Sphero Global Challenge. When I go to the list of events and click the Bolt Middle School link, all I see is a “submit and register” link, which instructs me how to upload our files. It looks like we’re already registered, but I haven’t gotten any emails, aside from the Robot Events one confirming the registration fee.

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