Accessing RVR Encoders?

I would really like to drive the RVR based on a distance instead of a time.

I believe the RVR has encoders on the motors, so it should be possible to use those to more precisely control the RVR.

If you could give us access to the encoder values (like other sensors) it should be possible for us to do that. Even better would be a drive method that included speed, heading, and distance.

Any chance you can expose something like that in the SDK?


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Hey @daryll!

That is something we are very excited about, as well, but it is still in development. In the meantime, you can use the RVR’s speed in cm/s to convert the time traveled to a distance traveled for the specific surface(s) you are using your RVR on :slight_smile:

(and, to directly address your comment about encoders on the motors, because this is still in development, that is not yet something we have in our API)

I can add you to the list of people to notify when this is released :smiley:

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Thanks Kelsey.

Yes, that’s what I’m doing now, but I’m glad the encoders are on the roadmap.

Thanks for including me on the update list.


Hi @brightnbubbly

What does the locator information represent? Is this related to distance traveled?

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Hey @rmerriam!

It does relate to distance traveled :slight_smile:

You can also check out the locator data under the sensor streaming. This will show x & y values in centimeters for how far it has traveled based on encoder readings and allow you command it more accurately by monitoring this data.

As we chatted about earlier, we are working on finishing up a distance based control system interface that will allow you command it to drive a particular distance (or in an arc). This will come in a firmware update soon, stay tuned!


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