Activity Cards for Golf & Sphero City Mat don't scan

Every time I use the app to scan the QR code on one of the mat activity cards, I get the error that it’s not a valid Sphero Edu QR code. They aren’t listed in the compatible cards, but then why is there a QR code on them at all?

Greetings betterannamac! What version of the Sphero Edu app are you using? Is is the most up-to-date version? What device are you using? What version is your OS? Is everything up-to-date?

The Sphero Edu app QR code reader looks specifically for QR codes that link to Sphero Edu activities or programs. For example, a QR code with with this URL:

The physical code mat activities do have QR codes, but they aren’t QR codes for Sphero Edu app programs or activities. Rather, these QR codes lead to a web page where you can download PDFs of the cards in other languages. Since that web page doesn’t follow a format that the Sphero Edu app QR reader is looking for, it’ll just view it as invalid.

This is definitely a confusing experience though. We’ll look into ways to improve the QR codes that come with our products and look into improvements for how the app handles QR codes on code mat cards. Thanks for the feedback!