Activity Timeout of 2000 msec Not Working on Drive to Position

It has been stated that drive commands timeout after 2000 msec unless the command is repeated before that period expires. The following log indicates this is not true for drive_to_position_si.

O,211130,130641,920: send 38		 1a 2 16 38 84 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 3f 40 00 00 3d cc cd cc 00
O,211130,130641,993: decode 200		 29 2 16 38 84 00	drive drive_to_position_si
O,211130,130649,844: decode 200		 20 2 16 3a ff 1	drive xy_position_drive_result_notify

The command is sent, line with “send 38”, at 41,920 (41 sec, 920 msec) and success reported at 49,844. No other commands of any nature were sent in between those times, as indicated by the absence of a line with "send’. That’s an elapsed time of about 8000 msec.

A replated question is whether any command set with the "activity’ bit set resets the timeout period? Assume a drive command that will take 5 seconds to complete. Will an API request with activity set clear the timeout counter?

Hi Rud,

Somehow I missed this post last fall, but it popped up just now. You are correct, the drive to position controller is an exception to the normal drive command timeout system, as the commands have a defined end condition built-in.

The activity bit on incoming packets only extends the system inactivity timeout, which will send the RVR to sleep/standby mode if triggered.