Adding servos to RVR?

Hi, has anyone tried adding a 16 Channel PWM Servo Motor Driver PCA9685 IIC to a RVR in order to add servos & more capability? I’m looking to try building different tops for my RVR, starting with a front loader design, but am unsure on how to add that motor driver to my Sphero RVR.

I chose that motor driver figuring it’s been around forever so if anything would work, hopefully it would.

You can absolutely do that. You’ll need to provide your own microcontroller board or single-board-computer (SBC) to control the servos and interface with the RVR using the UART port (or USB with an Arduino Uno or Micro:bit, but memory limitations on those platforms can be problematic for a larger project, and the supported command interfaces are more limited as well).

My recommendation is to go with the python SDK on a Raspberry Pi, since it supports all features of the RVR firmware.


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Ya, I can use a Micro:bit(esk) type board; An Adafruit Clue board that I have. Do you know of any tutorials of how to put this all together?

I don’t know if you’ll be able to get the Clue to work properly. You’re certainly welcome to try, but it’s not a platform we officially support, so there could be a fair amount of extra development required.

As far as tutorials, you’ll probably need to pull bits and pieces together from around the web. Sparkfun and Adafruit are good starting points for a lot of hobby electronics tutorial content.

Have fun!

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