Ambient light sensor


I tested the ambient light sensor as I saw in one of Sphero RVR video using my cell phone back light.

My routine is simple I have the RVR say the word Light and move forward and dark then move backward. I use different values for 0 to 30 to compare to the light sensor values. It works fine from 0 to 72" distance above the sensor using different values such as 10 detect light at 72" , 20 detect light at 36 "from the RVR. This test was done with the hood removed

My questions are as follow:

  • Are there known values from dark to full light. I cannot use 100,000 lux in my comparison.
  • Would it be possible to see the ambient light values with the sensor values.


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Hi Benoit,

In theory, ambient light values go from 0 lux (no light) to 100,000 lux (full sunlight).
However, the max value can only be read when the sensor is facing the direct sunlight, on a bright day, and without being behind a plastic transparent case.
Also, the light sensor on RVR is very directional due to its position.

For your application, I would recommend trying the sensor in different light conditions, such as in a classroom with the lights on, and then off, passing under a projector, etc.

You can then create a test against those values to know which case you are in!

I hope this helps!


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I will give it a shot and get back to you.


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