App can't see one Spark

I have about thirteen Sphero SPRKs and one is not discoverable in the app. I have charged it, pressed the button on the side of the charger to reset it a few times now. Is this thing just dead?

Greetings! If you have a SPRK+ - you will want to launch the Sphero EDU app (or Sphero Play app) – make sure your device is close to robot and it will connect. Be sure your robot is fully charged up! Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

That is the problem my friend, when I do that it does not connect. All of my other spheros do

Greetings Sleeve – It does sound as though you may have one unit with a faulty battery. Please email me, – I’ll work with you to see if we get that unit charging back up. Thanks very much!