Article on RVR and RealSense 3d Camera

Stumbled on this article. I think it is great that the Rvr is getting exposure to the hacking community.


Wow I didn’t know that sensors like that were so affordable, I was expecting thousands for a good LIDAR array or depth sensing camera. I want to eventually overlay my map interface with sensor pings of nearby objects so this is certainly something on my radar. Thanks for sharing.

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Nice find! Yes, the intel cameras are pretty great and not too expensive.

Another intel cam I can recommend is their T265 cam which tracks the pose in 3D using visual slam and loop closure, all processed inside the camera, so no beefy computer required:

Lidar’s are also getting more affordable, RPlidar sells one for around 100$, here’s a great example videos of using nothing more than the lidar to localize the robot and build 2D maps:

The RVR together with some pose tracking (either from the onboard odometry or through a T265) and an RGBD cam like the intel D435 (or D435i), even 3D pointcloud mapping and autonomous navigation could be done:

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