Autonomous add on?

Any idea when the autonomous add on will be available?

Will it include example code so we can get it up and running?

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Hey @billx!!

Could you elaborate a bit more on what you are referring to when you reference an “autonomous add on”? I am unaware of any add-ons that we have in the works (definitely no more hardware by Sphero, but we partner with companies like Sparkfun who might be the producer of what you are thinking of…).

Really looking forward to hearing more about what it is you have in mind and working with the Community to help you accomplish your dreams!!


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It is the add-on hardware by Sparkfun.

It is listed on your website.

Any recent info on it?

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Excellent, thank you so much for that clarification, @billx!

I’ll reach out to Sparkfun to see where they are with the development of that product :relaxed:

I am sure that the point of contact for Sparkfun at Sphero receives updates as they are released, but noone on our team is privvy to every single stage of the development of their products; we sent them a robot and they started playing and building add ons that they would like to play with :slight_smile:

As soon as I get an update from them; I’ll pass it along to you!! I imagine you’re excited to get your hands on one and I am excited to see all that you accomplish with it! Have you already pre-ordered yours?


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I’m waiting to see how it integrates with RVR.

Thanks for your help, and positive attitude, and I look forward to your response.