Back! Reference to C++ Code and Wiki

Hi all,

If you were around in the original RVR days you may remember me. Sorry, I may be returning.

For those who weren’t around I started right away reverse engineering the serial protocol. I documented what I discovered and implemented it in C++. The code is for a desktop or sufficiently powerful on-board computer like a Pi. Some of it could be used for Arduino or other systems with some modifications.

There is also information in the Wiki about cables and such to get a working setup.

I have yet to bring my RVR up and use this code since I last worked with it. Been working on a NASA robotics competition, sold a house, bought a new one, moved, and wrestled with some medical stuff. At odds and ends right now and RVR may be where I’ll turn my attention.

I saw some posts where others are doing some C/C++ work so wanted to mention what I did previously. Feel free to use my work. That’s why I did it.

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