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This baseball game is very much like the real thing. You are able to choose how many innings you want to play, as well as if you are a right handed hitter or a left handed hitter. If you want to take a break in the middle of a game, then just toss sphero up in the air and the game will pause. While you are paused, you can hear statistics about the game or just do nothing. To unpause, just spin sphero like a top.

When you are hitting: to hit the ball, swing sphero like a real baseball bat when sphero turns red. If sphero turns blue, then it is indicating that the pitch will be a ball. If you swing while sphero is blue you will automatically get a strike because of a low pitch, an outside pitch, etc. Depending on when you swing, the ball will go to different areas on the field, and depending on how hard you swing, the ball will go farther.

When you are pitching: pretend to throw sphero like you would throw a normal baseball. Slowly bring your arm back (if you do this fast, it will think that you are pitching to early) and then throw sphero like a ball. DO NOT ACTUALLY THROW SPHERO. The faster you throw, the more likely the batter is to miss the ball. When the batter hits the ball, every once in a while the ball will be hit back to the pitcher (you) and then you have to shake sphero when it turns yellow to catch the ball.

Currently there are no double plays, tagging up, or getting lead runners out. If you get out, none of the on base runners advance. This may be changed in a future update.

I have added a few easter eggs and small chance things that are kinda funny, but I am not going to tell you them because that would take all the fun out of it. You gotta figure them out. :wink:

I have been having some problems with commenting and contacted sphero about it. They said that they were updating some stuff and comments had been disabled for now. Please reply to this post and tell me if you have been having this problem also. I am posting stuff on here so that I can still see comments and other stuff.

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