Battery replacements for BB-8 and Lightning McQueen

Hi, does anyone have any experience disassembling and replacing the battery for either the Star Wars BB-8 or Lightning McQueen toys?

I found some tear down guides for BB-8 on YouTube, which are pretty straight forward but nothing great about Lightning McQueen.

Hi @waynema,

Sphero DOES NOT recommend replacing batteries in Lightning McQueen or any of our ball robots. These are not designed to be user-serviceable, and attempting to replace the batteries can be dangerous. The only Sphero product with a user-replaceable battery is RVR.


This is amazingly incompetent engineering for kid’s toys. Sphero should have a mail -in option for battery replacement on McQueen cars. It would be different if they were $100 or less but these are too expensive to just put on the shelf due to poor engineering management.

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