BB-9E charger

I have just found a BB-9E what i got for my son when it came out he really wants to use it but we cant find the charger i was wondering if you can charge it without the custom charger

Hi @Obrow, BB-9E uses a proprietary wireless charging standard, so you do need a Sphero charger. The internals of the BB-9E, BB-8, and SPRK+ chargers are all the same, so any of those will work.

Before you go hunting on eBay, you should be aware that we are no longer allowed to support the Droids app, so it is not available on app stores. BB-9E continues to be supported through the Sphero EDU app, which works great but provides a different experience. For the Droids app, you would need to have it already installed on your mobile device. Some users on this forum have experimented with getting new installs of the app working on Android. Search around and you can see what they’ve done.