Bb9-e api help

Hey Folks,

Got a BB9-E as gift and would like to programm it using python or node.
I have seen there is a SDK , but there is no clear info , on how to do it with the BB9-E .
Is it even possible ?
would be nice to get some input.

I found the old Git : wich tells it is able to interact with the bb9-e

but its way old, maybe the offical sdk now supports BB9-e also ?

Stay Safe

Hello @H4xl0r,

I’m excited to hear you want to do more with your droid! While the old SDK is deprecated, you might still be able to use it.
Unfortunately, our current SDK does not support BB9-E anymore. However, you can still connect to it using the EDU app, in which you can program in JavaScript.

I hope this helps!