Bedtime Stories

My daughter and I want to code RVR to tell Bedtime stories to our Bolts. We want it to be a little more fun than just RVR speaking.
We would love to code a conversation between RVR and the two Bolts. We need a little more explanation about sending and receiving messages.
We’ve completed the RVR + Bolt follow activity but that didn’t really give us enough information.
How can we create a back and forth conversation between the three robots?
Also, how can we change the voice when we use the speak block?


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Hey @codingheroes!

That is such an adorable idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Under the “Communications” section in the Edu app, there is a “send message” block that allows you to do a “short broadcast” of one of the 7 available IR channels. Then, under the “Events” section there is an “on message [#] received” event that you can use to trigger actions. I played around with this a bit and came up with the following:
For RVR:


You can use a code similar to ^^this^^ for both BOLTs; the RVR is not sending a message specifically to a destination, so they can both pick it up :relaxed:

I was imagining the same (#) reaction could be triggered in the BOLTs at different parts in the story (yay for reusability!). I was also imagining that communication would just be going from the RVR to the BOLTs and back (which would require less variety in channels than if the BOLTS are also communicating with one another), though you could have the BOLTS react at the same time, or “at the same time” and add delays to the code to make it seem like there is more sending and receiving going on than there is… Let me know if you are still having trouble wrapping your brain around this from this example and I would be happy to create a more fleshed-out version :slight_smile:

As for the voices… the “speak” block uses the OS’s speech to text settings. For iOS, these can be found in the Accessibility Settings. For Android, it depends on the device; some use Google text-to-speech, some have their own TtS settings.

I LOVE this idea so much and can’t wait to see where you take it :upside_down_face:



Thank you so much for such a detailed answer. We put the code into action right away!
Now we just need to find enough phones to run all the robots and film everything!