Best cover for bolt

can someone recommend the best protective cover for the bolt. The main thing is I want to be able to see the LED matrix and all the leds. Thanks !

Hey kelad,

I would recommend using a Clear Turbo Cover. This will cover the BOLT and also allow you to see the LED matrix.

Thanks T-Tay. I am in Australia. I searched and searched and emailed many Australian places and no one has the clear !!! They all stock the carbon and red and cannot get the clear. Can anyone help there or tell me where in Australia we can get it? even ebay is no good. I look at your website, however shipping makes the cost $100 !!!

Hi Kelad,

We do have a distributor in Australia. Are you familiar with MacGear ( ? They carry both our Sphero Nubby covers and our Sphero Turbo covers which will fit the Bolt. :slight_smile:

  • Tia

Hi Tia, thanks so much. I contact MacGear as I could not see the “clear” on their website (only charcoal and red available). This was their response “This is something we have never brought into Australia unfortunately, I think due to the lack of demand”…This amazes me as you can’t see the led matrix well at all with the colored ones. The 1st thing my daughter said was “you cant see in it” when i installed the charcoal one. Looks like I will have to get someone overseas to get me one…crazy. Cheers for your support.