Best practice

Hi All,

I’m new to using a Raspberry pi. I was wondering, what is the best way to go as far as the connection to pi. Should I connect directly with a keyboard, mouse… Is it better to connect remotely? If so, should I do the “command line” only or go full remote.


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Since you’re new to using Raspberry Pi, I would suggest you use the Full version of Raspian, which includes a graphical user interface and common tools/apps. You’ll need to get the RPi up and running using a HDMI Monitor, USB Keyboard and USB Mouse connected to it. Only once your RPi is up, running, and configured to communicate on your WiFi network will you be able to remotely manage it without the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. You will then be able to remotely connect to it using an app like PuTTy (SSH Terminal) or VNC (full graphical remote desktop) to issue commands, run scripts, etc…