Block Canvas is missing blocks

Hello! I am teaching a class on Robotics & Coding with RVR. One of my students noticed that he does not have the Stabilization block whenever he opens up a Block-programming program. He’s tried opening EDU on his laptop and his phone, but the Stabilization block does not show up on either one. He cannot do any lessons that require this block; even if he opens up a program that has the block already added, it skips or deletes the block.

I noticed that I am missing the same block from the PC version of EDU, and the luminosity block from the phone version (however, said block is on PC and the Stabilization block is on the phone). One of my other students was missing the Stabilization block, but was still able to complete the lessons and run the programs.

What exactly is going on here? Is it possible to manually add the blocks back to Block Canvas? Why is one student able to run the programs without a Stabilization block, but the other is not? I’m very confused, and cannot figure out what to do. Any help is appreciated!

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