Bluetooth connections for Bolt/RVR with iOS and PC


I have two Bolts and an RVR that have issues Bluetooth-connecting with PC laptops. Both connect and can be driven using iphones/ipad. However, when I try to use laptops (about 1 y.o. Inspiron 7th Gen AMD, 4 GB, DDR4, 2666 MHz Dell laptops, running Windows 10, Bluetooth enabled), any subsequent Bluetooth connections, after the initial one, can’t be established. Tried resetting Bluetooth on laptops, power-cycling Bolts (as suggested by Sphero support), all with intermittent success (this trick does not work with RVR at all). Even tried opening new accounts, which initially worked, but then same issues came back. Firmware on all three devices are up to date.

Also, when two Bolts are in the same room, even if one links up with one laptop, the other Bolt does not want to link up with another laptop. I assume this is due to interference, but seems like, given how Bluetooth works, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Any thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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