Bolt Modes around its Cradle

I’m not sure I understand the modes correctly. Can I program a behaviour where the bolt drives into his cradle and starts loading? This might include building a ramp and some motion to get into the right position. And can I make it jump out of the cradle when loading finished?

Or more generally in which modes the bolt is listening to commands?

Many thanks!

Hi @noiv,

You can take a look at our programming wiki for information on the available events in Sphero EDU:

As long as you are still running the program on your mobile device and Bolt is connected, it will respond.

Good luck and have fun!


THX. Very motivating answer. I’ve just found out the iOS version of EDU is not marked for macOS. I’d enjoy to use it on my M1. Any plans to add it to the store?



Sphero EDU is available in the Mac App Store here:

Is that what you were looking for?


Another hint:

Bolt can’t drive out of an unmodified charging cradle due to the limitations of its drive system. It can’t produce enough torque to clear the lip by tilting, so you’ll need to give it some help somehow. Tilting the charging base can help to an extent, but Bolt levels itself when the charger is detected, so you can’t tilt the charger too far or the coils won’t line up enough to charge.


OK, sounds like a challenge :slight_smile: Found the App in the Store.


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