Bolt Power Pack case issue

I just got a brand new Bolt Power Pack with 15 Bolt robots. When I plug in the case the light blinks green and red on the case. I looks like the Bolts are charged but they are not connecting to my iPads. Only 2 Bolts are connecting at this time. Is there something I can do to have the Bolts connect to the other Bolts to connect to my iPads. The app works fine and the Bolts don’t even connect to my phone with the SpheroEDU app on it.

Hi @MaryJo,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your Power Pack. If you email to open a support ticket, our Customer Support team will be happy to assist.


Thank you Jim. I will do that. I just wasn’t sure if anyone else had this issue before I threw in a support ticket. Thanks for your help.