Bolt Strength

We were drawing with a Bolt under a cup with pencils attached. We used several different size cups. It seemed like the bolt did not have enough power to start the drawing. We have 3 bolts and I used 2 of them. They have been sitting on the charge a long time and not used. Even though they were on the charger, do they loose power/strenght ? Is there a reset ?

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Yes, they can lose charge over time, and if you are not using them for a while I recommend shutting them down using the app and letting them rest. The problem with continuously charging for an extended amount of time is that the battery can become weakened, resulting in a much shorter battery life. (same goes for anything, from a phone to camera batteries.) What kind of cups are you using? Would it be possible for you to send a picture, as to help us better understand your setup and possibly help you find a solution? One thing I notice a lot with RC balls is that they need a bit of momentum to get heavier things moving since they have very little contact with the ground thus having very bad traction. I have never heard of them becoming weaker, have you checked the settings to make sure it is at full throttle and not limiting its speed?

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Hello @nowhr2run!

The BOLTs were not really designed to drag a lot of weight while driving. It is possible in some cases to have them move while under a cup, but that depends on the size and weight of the cup, and the friction of the surface you are driving on. In your case, it sounds like you are driving on paper, but with a pencil pressing on it, which create a lot more friction. You could try a lighter cup, or lifting up the pencil until it barely touches the paper!

From a battery perspective, you can always check in the EDU app what the battery level of the robot is on the home screen.
I hope this helps!


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I thought so, but we did create a new learning situation of why it did not move easily. I posed it as an engineering problem.



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