Bolt won't charge

We have a brand new Bolt that won’t charge anymore. When we plug in the charging base, the blue light turns on then off once, very briefly. This happens whether or not the Bolt sphere is in the cradle or not.

I have tried the reset instructions. When I press the bluetooth button on the cradle, I can hear a high pitched whine. I remove the sphere tap it, nothing happens. It remains dark. I put it back on the cradle, nothing happens. No lights or anything.

I have tried 3 different USB plugs, tried an outlet, tried a computer port. Etc.

Nothing seems to work.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


Sounds like you have done a lot already, thanks for trying multiple charging plugs, outlet, computer, etc. We just want to make sure with your Sphero BOLT you’re opening up the app and placing your device near your Sphero BOLT to activate? Connecting to Sphero BOLT is different than connecting to our Sphero original and Sphero 2.0 units. Please go ahead and email me directly, - we’ll make sure you’re all up and running again in no time. Thanks very much!

Ok, I gave it a real good “tap” and it woke up. :slight_smile:

Great news! Hope you enjoy your robot!