Can't connect to RVR at all

I’ve tried both an Arduino Uno and a Raspberry Pi 4. I can’t get either to work.

Right now they are two expensive blinking paperweights.

Can somebody help me?

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Well I ended up (after a bit of work) getting the code set up on a Omega2 and was able to communicate with the RVRs.

Seems like something up with Uno and the Pi. Any thoughts?

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Setting up Python was easy. However, it took me a while to figure out how to get Node.js up and running. I had to switch from my Raspberry Pi Zero W to a Raspberry Pi 4 to solve a whole bunch of the issues that I was having installing and running Node.js. Yeah… The Zero W is too slow. I wouldn’t recommend using it. With that in mind, which SDK are you planning on using?

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