Changes to Streaming Sensors: Speed?

Did the speed streaming sensor tokens change with the new firmware?

I previously was streaming speed, velocity and location in one notification. It now does not work. The python table shows the speed token as 0x0008 but if I use it the response is Error 7, bad parameter value. If I remove it the request works.

I do see that there is a new 0x000B entry for encoders.

Specifically this message fails:

0x8d 0x1e 0x2 0x18 0x39 0x89 0xe    00 0x7 0x2    00 0x8 0x2    00 0x6 0x2    0xdc 0xd8

Also, what is the range for the sensor streaming token, i.e. the identifier for the stream that is right after the sequence number? It appears to be limited to less than 0x10.

Hi @rmerriam,

I actually just ran into this recently while doing some internal testing, and I had assumed that speed was simply never enabled on the firmware side. If you were definitely using it with the older firmware I can take a look sometime next week.


I am pretty sure it worked with the older firmware.

Does the command disable_notifications_and_active_commands do what it implies: stop all actions and notifications? Basically a panic stop?

Yes, the idea is to give you a clean slate so you don’t have to worry about retained state on the robot when developing a script and running it multiple times.

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