Choice of programming language - javascript

Questioning the choice of Javascript for this robot. Why was Javascript selected instead of, say ‘Python’?

I’d like to learn a programming language (retired Navy), but thought Javascript may be… ‘dated’ and ‘yesteryear’.

Thank you for your insights!

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I believe Sphero already has Python support for the RVR available… As well as JavaScript… :wink:

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I’m programming RVR in Python right now SS-580 :slight_smile:


Thank you for verifying! I missed that on the Amazon description.

I only started learning Python a week ago through a video tutorial - fresh meat, so to speak. But seems like it would be a neat way to learn. Doing it with the Anki Vector, but concerned about Anki closing its doors, so this seems like a more robust, reliable option.

Thank you again.

Thank you, @ogiewon - I had missed that.

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It’s probably also worth noting that Javascript as a language is thriving, with a very active community and a variety of applications from server-side to client-side to embedded. Definitely use whichever one you prefer (I like Python better, personally, and I also feel it’s easier to learn), but ‘yesteryear’ doesn’t really apply to Javascript as of right now in 2019.

@timgilbert, thank you for the perspective - the ‘yesteryear’ concern was high on my list - glad it was unfounded .