CMS Response Error? /Jetson Nano porting

I’ve hooked RVR up to a Jetson Nano from Nvidia, and have basic async python scripts running. However, I was curious about the firmware version checks. I see RVR and CMS checks, and I get two:
“CMS Response Error”

I have performed updates in the EDU app and even performed them again, although the EDU app did not say it was required. What is CMS and how can I tell if the versions are correct?

The python scripts I have tried work so far, following these messages.


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Hey @Cobra!

My guess is that you just aren’t connected to the internet. Those checks just run our _check_rvr_fw method, which checks the RVR’s firmware on the Nordic and ST chips against the CMS (where we store the most up-to-date published versions of the firmware), if an internet connection is available.

We are just having trouble grabbing the CMS to be able to check the firmware against it. It sounds like you’ve ensured your firmware is up to date, though, so you needn’t worry :slight_smile:

Hope you’re having fun and can’t wait to hear about all you create!!


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Ok, thanks! I’ll have to see if internet changes things. I thought it was attached at the time.

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@Cobra… Were you able install the SDK and other libraries seamlessly? Did you have any issues running the examples (aside from CMS error)? I have a Jetson Nano and wasn’t sure if the Raspberry PI instructions also worked for Jetson Nano.


The install is the same as the Pi, however the Nano has a different serial device configured in their kernel setup. I needed to modify the SDK code in sphero_sdk/asyncio/client/dal/ to open the ttyTHS1 device instead of the serial device used for the Pi. I only tried a few of the LED samples so far using the asyncio style of access, so I suspect there may be other places to modify the serial opening code for other access style.