Command IDs


I found the API Docs for all of the commands, but they are missing the Command IDs (CID): System Info · Sphero Public SDK

May these be added to the docs?



Welcome. I’m not a Sphero person but have been working on a C++ library for the API so have dug into a lot of the details. The best place for the CIDs and other information is in the Python source code.

The Sphero team is helpful but also buried in other work so I wouldn’t expect to see the CIDs documented soon. Frustrating but it is what it is.

Note that the documentation you’re looking at is incomplete. It was for the first release of the firmware, i.e. product release. A second version was released last year but web docs are not updated. Check out the message about it: RVR Firmware + Python SDK Update Now Available It has links to the revisions and a document about the new driving commands.


Thanks @rmerriam for the help on this one! @DaAwesomeP, as @rmerriam suggested, we do intend to publish DIDs/CIDs eventually, but at the minute our team is tied up in other work. We’ll keep you posted on that when we are able to get those out. Is there a particular command you’re looking for, or just general documentation of all commands?

Must have been a bit brain dead during my first reply. I have documented the version 1 API. Feel free to ask questions about using the API: calling parameters and returned results.

I’m in the process of updating my code to Version 2 firmware but am right now sidetracked in modernizing the C++ code. Stand by for a Medium article about one rabbit hole I went down. :laughing: :grin:

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