Complimentary access to Foundations

Hi Guys,

I have received an email saying that there are CS foundations lessons freely available during the coronavirus lockdown. However, when I find them in the EDU app (e.g. the empathy or game design lessons) they only have an option to “Learn More” and then pay for them.

Does anyone know how the complimentary access works? I think I must be being a little dense, but can’t see anything.

Any help appreciated.
Kind Regards

Hello @bckeeping!

Welcome to the forum. Yes, we are releasing new CSF classes every 2 weeks for free. In order to access them, you will need to create an account and log in. Then, the (many) unlocked lessons should be available.

Let me know if you have any more questions,

Hi - I am having the same problem, possibly because I’m having a problem with signing in ? I’m signed in here with a new log in as I couldn’t sign in with google but this sign in doesn’t work in Sphero Edu, only Google does. Please can you advise ? Ty

Hi @JoBee,

Would you be able to create an account in the Sphero EDU app if you are not able to use your Google account? Let me know if that solves the problem.


Hi all,

I’m having the same issue - I see lots of coverage of all of the free CSF content, but no matter how I try to access it, the activities all just link to the page where you need to pay $200 for the content.

I have tried with my account - signed in through google - as well as with my daughters’ account - which we created together as a standard Learner account.

She is accessing the content through the Sphero Edu app on her chromebook and I have tried on a windows desktop and through the Sphero Edu app on an android phone.

She’d love to be able to take advantage of this amazing content while we are all stuck here at home this summer, so we’re hoping someone can help us! : )

Thank you so much!


Hello @Chrishalana,

I just went through the process, and may have an answer on why you may be having some issues.
I just discovered that once you are in the EDU app, if you click on the sub menu activities, the CS foundations, then you will be prompted to purchase the activities.
However, if you go to activities, all activities, and look at the ones posted by Sphero, you will find a copy of the content that you should be able to access for free! The will display an image with the word complementary on it.

I hope this solves your problem, if not feel free to send me more details about what you have tried so far.


Thanks Quentin, looks like that’s a good workaround!

A bit of user feedback - it’s too bad this wasn’t mentioned in any of the coverage, or even used in the links in the coverage. That would have probably helped a lot of people who were also confused at why the most prominent navigation to this content makes it seem like it’s not free.

That said, thanks so much to Sphero for opening up this content for us all during this difficult time. My daughter has started on the lessons and is really loving it!

Thank you for the feedback!

Sorry for any confusion created there, I’m glad this is working for you now.
Good luck to both of you!