Connecting USB to Arduino through mount

Hi new here and I’m trying to plug my usb a-b cable into my Arduino Uno but it doesnt fit through the mounting plate :frowning:

The cable supplied with my rvr does, but doesn’t have usb-b on the end.

What’s the easiest way to fix this problem?


Hi @fewbeers, welcome to our forum!

Some USB cables that I’ve used can’t fit through at the widest point, but you can feed the B end through the hole and plug the A end into the RVR before locking the mounting plate down and they’ll often fit that way. If you have a particularly chunky USB cable that still won’t fit, I’d recommend switching cables or filing/Dremeling the cutout for more clearance. The mounting plates are intended for hacking to meet individual needs.

On a related note, RVR may have trouble communicating with an Uno over some longer USB cables, so I’d recommend checking one of the Arduino examples before you go cutting up your mounting plate to fit a particular cable.

Happy hacking!

Awesome thank you for your reply! I’ll give it a shot!