Controlling a Bolt with an Android Gamepad

Hello, has there been any more discussion about releasing the Bolt SDK out into the wild? Seems like a missed opportunity to generate interest in the Bolt and get modders on board.
I personally would like to pair gamepads to my Bolts if possible. If a gamepad was paired with it, it could be great for children and adults of all ages. Having to keep an eye on a phone really diminishes it’s enjoyment while driving.
I do love using the Bolt in our classes and summer camps, but it’s missing a better controller and the ability to make modifications.
I would imagine through the use of a gamepad, you could;

  • Change colors (animations?)
  • Get force-feedback
  • Drive more efficiently
  • Have more spontaneous competitions
  • And???
    Even though the force band didn’t get much traction, it was a novel concept that could generate some interest if it was not so narrowly aimed at really young children, and could operate the Bolt.
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