Custom sound/MP 3?

  • SOLVED * Hi, is it possible to add or change (custom) sounds/MP 3 ? I would very much like to have the Cantina song on my R2. Or is that impossible for example because they are contained in the firmware or something ?
    Cheers !
  • edit ; upon further searching i found a sounds folder containing many of the sounds. It is in the windowsapps folder which is notoriously hard to edit/copy to due to security reasons. Was that done on purpose so that users cannot change/add sounds of their own ?
  • edit 2 ; upon further searching i now have the Cantina song MP3 playing in the EDU software. If interested let me know and i’'ll write it up.

Just recently bought R2D2 myself. Would be interested in learning more about how you were able to do it.


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I’m sorry, i later found out that R2 has a built in sound chip for the R2 sounds and cannot play custom sounds. I only managed to
adjust/add custom sounds to the Sphero app. So the app on your phone/PC can play them but not the R2 unit itself. Let me know if you
want to know how to do that.



Oh so the sounds are still available on the R2? And you don’t have to have the Star Wars droids app (which I can’t seem to find in the Android app store). That’s good news. Thanks for the info!

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Hello, how did you manage to run the sounds on mobile device?

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Try this if you haven’t already.