Dead motor

One of the motors on my RVR has stopped working (Right). Gears and drive intact motor not spinning. Battery is fully charged. I have tested on Drive functions (OS and IOS) and with direct programming. All wiring appears connected and intact as observed through the clear sections of the chassis. I am not sure, however, where the motor cabling attaches to the controller board.

Any ideas?

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Found it!
I pulled the robot down, traced out the cables and reseated the right hand motor cable - all was then good.

The right hand motor connector is the green multi-pin. The left hand motor is at the other end of the PCB and is obscured by the interface daughter board.

Take care when pulling off the clear top cover to depress the sprung section in the battery container. Also take care with the copper/gold coloured flat cable going to the left hand side which looks a bit delicate. Other than that pretty straight forward.

Note that if you need to reseat the motor cables you should be able to do it without removing the battery compartment - I only took it out to trace the wiring.

Hopefully this will help others.

A big call out to Sphero. I have pulled apart many, many robots and this is a very well designed product. Nice!


hey @MisterGee!

Glad you got this figured out! Bummer that the motor connector wasn’t seated well- I will make a note to our manufacturer to keep an eye out for this.

I’m also glad you got a kick out of taking it apart- I’ve done it so many times I’ve forgotten just how cool it is.



Oh! Also, @MisterGee could you provide the 4 character ID of your robot, found on the bottom of the robot? Thanks!