Delete user accounts in Sphero EDU app

Please help. I am teaching robotics at the MS level this year. We used Bolts in conjunction with iPads and the Sphero EDU app first trimester. I’m ready to use them second trimester but have too many students listed through the Google login portion. I need to delete them but don’t know how. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app which should delete acct data, but it didn’t. I don’t know what to do.

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Hi @suanderson,

The students listed are part of your account, so deleting the app doesn’t delete those students from your account.

When you are in the classes portion of the Sphero Edu app on a desktop/laptop computer or at, you’ll be able to manage your classes better.

Click on the overflow menu where your class is listed (…) and you’ll see the following options to work with your students.

Alternatively, if you are using Google Classroom, you can adjust your rosters in Google Classroom and resync your account with Google and it should update your rosters.

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