Deleted Programs

I seem to have iPads in my classroom that all of a sudden will delete all of the programs in the EDU app. Tough thing is, my students have to recreate all their work. Has anyone ever had this issue? And if so, any fixes?

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Were you logged in with an email or something? It might be possible that you were logged out and therefore lost the programs. If so, simply log back in to the correct account and they should be back. I’ve had a similar issue before.

Hope that helps.

Since my district didn’t allow accounts, my students just go into the EDU app and create programs. I direct them not to delete anyone else’s programs and they are good at that. I have had more than one iPad completely void of programs. I am just trying to
get to the bottom of the issue. Will programs disappear if the app is updated? if the iOS is updated?

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I have had multiple situations where I made something while not logged in, and then it disappeared when I accessed it from a new wifi or changed something. From my memory I believe it creates a “guest account” if you don’t log in, and if something leads your device to change that account for any reason, it is likely that the programs may not save. If your students have school provided emails I would recommend talking to the person in charge of them and explain the issue. I am still a student myself, and have been able to resolve countless problems similar to this by simply explaining it to the higher ups and convincing them of my solution. If not, would it be possible to personally make a batch of private emails and use those to log in each ipad, so that they can always be recovered if something happens.

Good luck with the class.