Display issues with the App and Chromebook

I started the 4th repeat of a unit using the Sphero App and Chromebooks. I had many students who had artifacts show up on the screen inside the blocks programming canvas. Also had issues with screen size problems if the chromebook user had resized the screen, the app couldn’t display all the information on the screen. The app also asked users to choose between phone, tablet and resize able. This has not happened before.

New updates?
Anyone else have issues with this?

I am having the same issue. Has anyone found a work around? I have 5 days with students in the app and all they can do is drive. They can’t see commands and when they put anything in the canvas, it is very difficult to see. Apparently I can not upload a photo to this message.

I had them program and work off the website. Then open the app and run the program. Its a pain and a little confusing for kids, but it works. This needs to be fixed before I work with sphero and chromebooks again.