Does anyone still have their original BB-8 box?

A MAC address is a 6 byte code usually written as 12 hexadecimal characters like: DF-79-DD-9C-B6-1D or DF:79:DD:9C:B6:1D. All network devices have a unique MAC address.

On the bottom of the original BB-8 box is a barcode sticker. Directly under the barcode is what looks like a MAC address.

In the BB-8 app, if you go to Settings, Customer Support, it lists the MAC address of the connected BB-8.

Can someone confirm for me that the MAC address of their BB-8 as shown in the app matches what looks like a MAC address on the bottom of the box it came in?

Thank you.

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Hi @Pascal, welcome to our community!

You’re correct - that is the BLE MAC address on the sticker.

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Thank you. You’ve got wonderful timing! I just bought another one a couple hours before your post. :slight_smile: Oh well, only cost me $50.

I can also confirm that the MAC address in the app matches the MAC address on the barcode sticker.

I sold one brand new in sealed box a couple weeks ago and it was returned to me as not working, but the MAC address in the app does not match that on the sticker. I wanted to make sure they are supposed to match before I accused the buyer of fraud.

Normally manufacturers are allocated an Organizationally Unique Identifier to use as the first half of the MAC address, but it appears that Sphero just used random ones, so I wasn’t positive the number on the sticker even was a MAC address, and didn’t want to make a false accusation.

Thanks again!

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