Door alarm pro V3.2.4

After days of coding Door Alarm Pro V3.2.4 is more advanced and has more complex coding and uses functions and variables also it has matrix animations and lights and more accurate also it uses every sensor your robot has like accelerometers , gyroscopes and more.

Please like and comment if you comment feedback I will try my best to fix the issue.
If this code gets 100 likes I will update

If you get the warning on the code that speaks warning can not arm alarm system error please let me know and I will tell you how to fix it.

Warning :warning: this is very sensitive this is so sensitive it will set off the alarm just too someone knocking on the door.

——————————Update history——————————

7/29/2020 Added the Update History.

7/29/2020 Added Police car sounds and added a main led command.

8/7/2020 Changed some of the settings on the TwoFactorAuthenticationManager Variable And added a feature where if Your exit delay is set to zero seconds it would turn off the exit delay Also added another police car sound.

8/7/2020 Added some functions and now you can change the exit delay sound to 1 more sound.

8/8/2020 Added a variable and made the Alarm harder to hack and added some if statements and also added some functions.

8/8/2020 Changed some of the sensor settings for the alarm and added some functions

8/9/2020 Deleted the alarm siren variable.

8/12/2020 Support for Sphero RVR also fixed the robot compatible issue where if you didn’t have a bolt it wouldn’t work also Door alarm pro V3.2.2 receiver has been added so if the alarm is triggered it sends a signal to the other robot to the other bolt or rvr to make noises to alert you on a second device this is an optional feature.

8/13/2020 added A motion sensor to door alarm pro V3.2.3 receiver / motion sensor motion sensor only works with bolt.

8/14/2020 Added a feature were if it is dark it will turn on your robots lights if it is bright it will not. For RVR and Bolt only.

8/17/2020 Changed the photo

8/27/2020 Added a if robot statement for the ir commands and added some sound effects.
This is the link to my. Program

Please do not copy this program I have worked very hard on it in case you were wondering Are used to be SpheroBoltTheCoder.

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oh cool! I have seen this program on sphero edu. I am glad to see someone I know on sphero edu using the forum too!

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I have seen your programs to and know you from edu.

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cool! can you remind me of your username on sphero edu? I know i have seen this program before.

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My edu user name used to be SpheroBoltTheCoder but now it is Robo99

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ok thanks! i just wanted to make sure that i knew who you were.

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@JFN Ok i changed My name because i wanted to have the same name for edu and the forum but on the forum it says spheroboltthecoder Taken

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ok. that makes sense

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