"Drawing" with Sphero Bolt

At Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, 6th grade Technology & Design Thinking, TDT, students were challenged to develop code so that Sphero Bolt would autonomously “draw” a specific shape for a whole-class project. Students got in to groups of two, selected an aspect of the original image, developed/wrote code for that aspect, affixed a cup with marker on to the Sphero Bolt (idea adapted from the Spherograph #ThursdayLearnDay), pressed play, and stepped back so that Sphero Bolt would “draw” as it processed the code sequence.

After all students had their code processed using the cup and marker subsystem, we cut out all the pieces and affixed them together. This then created an image of a mouse/rat. The idea was to cross the curriculum with their Chinese class as they were at the time studying the Chinese New Year and learning about coding in TDT.TDT Sphero Class Project

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