Drive API duration?


I’m currently working on a project in which I need to call the raw motors API endpoint but noticed that my RVR only drives for a short duration and then halts. I don’t seem to be hitting any faults, so I dug into the RVR dashboard project to see how driving was handled there and after building the project, discovered the same behavior. However, the Drive SDK doesn’t make any mention of that call having a duration.

Does anyone know how long the device will drive with a single call? I could eyeball it with a stopwatch but was curious if anyone knew the actual duration. Thanks!

Hello @csather,

For safety reasons we decided to have a 2 second timeout on all of our drive commands for RVR. This prevents bad things from happening in the case of a robot disconnecting from its device, and driving in a straight line forever.

You can always send the same over and over again, for the amount of time you need!

I hope this helps,