Driving SPRK+ with mouse

Hi community.
Im looking to drive my sphero sprk+ with a USB mouse plugged into an android tablet. I want to positional data to be absolute as opposed to relative, so when you stop moving the mouse the sphero stops.
The reason for doing this is because I’ve created a set of ‘handwheels’ based around a USB ball mouse (see https://youtu.be/96g3Ih4hyIU for a better idea of what I’m talking about) I work in the film industry and have been looking for new fun projects during lock down.
Being able to drive the sphero with this controller would be a really useful learning tool for camera operators, and also a great fun activity for kids.
I’ve tried doing it with a touchscreen overlay app, but it doesn’t ‘return to center’ ie it keeps driving even when the wheel stops moving.
Do you think this is something that I can do with any existing programs? Could I make with w
ork with the blocks, or do I need to learn how to code?
Any help would be greatly appreciated