Droid Inventor Kit - App gone from Play/App Store


I bought the littleBits Droid Inventor Kit, around a year ago, but now after Sphero bought littleBits the app is gone and the entire kit is practially useless for my son :frowning:

Will it come back, or does anyone have a solutions to this? We have iPhone, so an APK won’t solve the problem…

I know this is the Sphero forum, but wanted to ask here aswell as the littlebits one :slight_smile: Hope anyone can help


I recently wrote Sphero support about this and received this reply:

"Thank you for reaching out about your Droid Inventor Kit.

Sphero no longer supports or provides troubleshooting for the following products:

littleBits Droid Inventor Kit

littleBits Avenger Hero Kit

As of July 6th, 2021, the compatible apps for these legacy products are no longer available for download. Products purchased from third-party sellers and resellers are not covered by Sphero’s warranty.

Only products purchased directly from Sphero or a Sphero authorized retailer are eligible for our manufacturer’s warranty. Sphero never sold these products, nor did it authorize any resellers to sell these products. Therefore, any purchases of these products are not covered under any Sphero warranty."


Sphero and Disney copped out like little b****s. We bought this very expensive droid (R2-D2) which was officially licensed from Disney/Star Wars and now Sphero owns the rights to the app and platform. Now, in 2-3 years since selling the item they are no longer supporting the app. And, that response is them shirking responsibility because it was not built by them. You now inherit the platform and should continue to support. What kind of terrible business practice is this?! Hundreds of dollars wasted. I will not be buying star wars licensed products or Sphero products again. Way to let little children down based on greed and myopic thinking.

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Exact same situation happens to us. I Disney/Lucas/Sphero all culpable on this action of not supporting a very expensive product past 2 years. Absurd!

SOLVED: Android Littlebits StarWars Droid Inventor App - Apk installation and Expansion pack
I found a way to install the Littlebits Droid Apps. I put the APK and the obb (expansion pack) file with the instructions in a Google Folder.


I feel you guys,
God bless you


I have a fix, I posted below a solution
I’m excited with it
Let the DROID roll!!!

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This is only for Android though???

This is really disappointing and as a tech educator, I will no longer recommend Sphero or Little Bits to anyone. It’s just another example of companies taking advantage of families and the world of education to make a dollar.

This is really outrageous. My son just received this as a gift and we can’t download the app!?

Why couldn’t they leave the app on app store at the very least and let us fend for ourselves rather than removing it altogether. Sphero, we demand a refund!

So, anyone have any tips on how to explain to a 7 year-old that Santa brought the present he wanted the most (the droid inventor kit) but the company that makes it pulled support for the app?

Echo the comment above - this is outrageous - I bought my kit on Dec 5th! 4.5 star reviews on Amazon - FROM THE ‘LITTLEBITS’ STORE and only because it was just out of stock at John Lewis (a massive store chain in the UK).

Sphero - you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself - and the whole ‘we didn’t sell these’ angle above - maybe spend less time blowing your own trumpet about your time magazine cover and more time reading up on what an acquisition is before writing replies to customers, disgusting.

Hi! I can’t download the expansion pack. I followed your directions, but I can’t. It’s still working? Help!

Hi - make sure you put the .obb file in the subdirectory of the obb folder so you get this:


I missed this first time too, worked straight away when I fixed.

The download and guide above were a total Xmas saver for us! - no thanks to Sphero/little bits

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It works!!! I’m so happy !!! Thanks!! And you also made two children happy here in Chile!

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Android only at this time. If I figure out for Ipads I will let you know.

sâm., 18 dec. 2021, 01:56 Ruth Cook via Sphero Forum | Ask the Sphero Community <spherocommunity@discoursemail.com> a scris:

Dear Calin_ip, my name is Filippo. I’m very grateful to you for your solution.
I installed both the apk file and the obb file (expansion pack) on my pc thanks to an Android emulator.

But now my problem is that my pc doesn’t connect with W32 hub control (littlebits) via bluetooth. I tried in thousands of ways but I can’t. Maybe you can suggest me tricks or underline my mistake.

I hope that you, or anyone, can give me the solution.

Greetings to all from Italy.


Still having trouble with downloading the expansion pack. I have put everything under the obb. folder like it said. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

The expansion pack is the obb file in the folder provided next to the apk file in the archive indicated.
The folder including the obb file has to be placed in your android device in the [MainStorage/android/obb/] folder.
see this video I made:

let me know.
Happy new year!

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Hi Filippo,

I have never tried to intall it on a windows machine.
What I would do:
[1] - I would try to see if I can install it on an Android device
[2] - I would try a different Windows Machine- might be other hardware or emulator problems , but the installation.

God bless

Uninstall / delete and try again.
Maybe the folders were not copied or named properly

Thanks for this video. It was very helpful and I was able to get everything working! My daughter will be really excited!