Droid Inventor Kit - App gone from Play/App Store

Is there a fix for the avengers hero inventor kit?

Working in it. Might take several weeks. I am looking for an already installed device to create the clone


This would be amazing! It’s my 7yr olds bday today and he is very disappointed come this evening when we finally got to sit down to work through his Avengers gauntlet :frowning: Thank you soo much for trying to find a fix. What a superstar!

H Bday to the little inventor.
I will find a way and let you know.
My phone with the files is in shop to replace screen - after I get it back I will be able to provide you and me and the entire planet a working version like I did for the droid



Thank you Calin for the bday wishes! That would be amazing, thank you :slight_smile: When you do, we would love to make a donation to a charity of your choosing, as a way of saying thanks - I feel you’re going to make many young inventors happy in doing so! Thanks again, Fi and Jack

Any way to use this on an Amazon Fire tablet?

Hi Darren,

Personally, I don’t have such a tablet. I don’t know if that would be possible.
I suggest to try buying a cheap android phone with Android at least version 4.3 and you’ll be able to run the app on that one
I have it installed on an 7 years old, $20, Samsung Galaxy S3.


Good Luck

Thank you. My son able to play the toy with the help of your instructions.

I came here just to give another thank you to the person who posted the APK link. I bought this off eBay for my son after having my son love a few littlebits items purchased off Amazon during the holidays. After a night of frustration, the kids had a great time playing with this today.

I only registered here to do two things.
First of all saying thank you to @calin_ip for showing a solution to android owner of the droid.

Second i just want to tell Spehro that they just su…
How unresponsible is it in modern times to just render a product electronic waste after 3-4 years just because you pull the App from the Appstores. This is hillarious and not responsible. What is the problem letting the Apps sit in the stores till they dont work anymore, afraid of the costs to answer support questions via an cheap india based call center?
Sorry but that gets me fuming. I know you dont care, but i wont buy any Sphero Product ever again.

I doubt that there will be a solution for iOS Users, since (unless you have a jailbroken device) you simply cant install old software. So you are out of luck! Thanks Sphero! You showed us why it is a bad idea to buy toys which are tied to an app.

What would be the Problem to throw out a documentation so that people could build their own apps?

@calin_ip I have tried numerous times reinstalling the Droid app as instructed but still having issue downloading the expansion pack. Keeps saying - Retry. Seems there is no content from the server to be downloaded. Can you kindly share the steps if this app actually works? Alternatively is there way you can share a full copy (if you have) of the app which is working and has the expansion pack installed?

@darkside40 I so agree with you. Spending so much money for something they just neglect and without even providing a notification and solution.

@calin_ip thank you for this. I believe that i have missed this post scrolling to fast. Please ignore my previous post. I can confirm that the work around and the Droid app itself WORKS! Although, I tried installing to another android phone (which is an older model Samsung S10 but has the latest Android version) the expansion pack wont download. tried several time to uninstall, re-download etc.

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Hi @calin_ip - are you likely to be able to figure out how this app can be installed on an iPad? We also have a very disappointed boy who received the Droid Inventor Kit for Christmas :frowning:


I have no idea how to make it work for IPADS yet.
Please try a cheap Android Device following my video instruction

Hi Calin, just checking in to see if you had any luck with the Avengers kit? Many thanks, Fiona

Thank you so much!
I had some Fire tablet 7" that was doing nothing - now both my R2D2 is working and the Fire Tablet!
Can’t think you enough.

Tip for anyone trying - Bluestacks 5 isn’t supporting Bluetooth - so don’t try.

You are great! Thank you so much for sharing this!