Droids app Availability

Hello everyone! I just happened to see this on the Sphero page regarding their Star Wars products Beginning October 1, 2021 the compatible apps for these legacy products will no longer be available for download. Purchases made from any third-party retailers are not covered by Sphero’s warranty. Really disappointed to read this, anyone else?

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After that, you will still be able to obtain the Android apps from APKMirror

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How about for iOS? I have a r2d2 but I couldn’t find the app on App Store anymore! My kid is going to be real disappointed

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If the link I sent in the other thread does not work, it is likely that these products are too old for Sphero to dedicate time and resources to maintaining. The bots were released around 2015, making them old as far as technology and compatibility goes. Every time Apple updates their iOS, changes need to be made to the apps in order for them to continue functioning. Since they have not produced these bots in a long time, there is no longer an official market for which to keep the apps updated. Either way the apps would be removed by either the App Store, or sphero.

(Note that I am in no way an official voice, I just speak from past experience and logic)

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