Error loading program

It looks like there is a problem with sphero edu. All the programs are reporting:

This program could not be loaded. It must be a properly formatted .lab file.

This includes the ones by sphero.


I have the same issue on multiple Macs. The error pops up when opening the canvas. Changing the program type or robot does not help.


I am having the same issue with 15 bolts trying to run on PC and Chromebook. Will not load or allow us to create any programs. We are, however, able to drive them and view the steps in all activities. On my iPhone, “start activity” results in a perpetual spinning gray loading circle and freezes the app. However, other programs will load and allow creation properly.


I also have the same problem. I cannot program my BB-8 on Windows. Can someone help us with this?

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Same thing here with my students chromebooks. They can connect and drive but when they try to program. No luck. I tried on my mac, no luck.
A colleague tried on her teacher chromebook and it worked.
Tried on my android and worked but no luck for students’ chromebook.

Apparently they are closed on Fridays… Help ticket has been sent, but got an automated reply that they will be open again on Monday. So disappointed that I can’t do this lesson with my students today!

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I am so disappointed. My students had been working on a coding activity that they were going to use today, but all we get are error messages. I’m glad they can drive.

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It appears the app is up and running now! Hooray!

My students are using Macbooks to run Sphero Edu app, but it also gives us all the error message:
“This program could not be loaded. It must be a properly formatted .lab file.”
I had planned to try and teach basic block coding today using Sphero Minis, but it literally will not let my students run the program. This is the second time something like this has happened in the past 2 weeks with trying to use our new Spheros. Very frustrating for us teachers who plan, test it out, and think it will work for the lesson, and then we literally can’t do ANY of the lesson the following day. It worked fine with an entire class yesterday! But, not today- since today is Friday, there is no one there to help troubleshoot or ask if it can be fixed.

I wish there was someone who could at least answer troubleshooting questions in the chat on Fridays!

I am having the same issue. It literally worked fine yesterday. I have an entire class of kids in my room trying to use the spheros, but now we can’t. I have to completely re-plan my lessons for today and Monday, because NO programs will load on the app. So incredibly frustrating and disappointing!

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