Extending Range?

I’ve been wondering this for a while, what does RVR use to connect to a device? I’m guessing bluetooth, but it does not connect the same way as normal bluetooth. If it were bluetooth, then I could use a bluetooth amplifier/ transceiver to boost the range, but I’m not sure if that would work with the RVR. If anyone has any ideas on how to make this work, let me know.

Plus, here is a little photoshop I did today:

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Are you just looking for direct control with e.g. the EDU app?
Otherwise you can use a raspberry and turn that into a wifi hotspot so it creates its own wifi network. Then you can connect to that with a mobile device. wifi has a much longer range then bluetooth. And if needed you ran extend that with a small repeater that uses a 12v power input and power that with a powerbank that can provide 12v.


I was thinking of using it with the manual driving option in the EDU app, or potentially the new RVR driving app. (not sure if that’s going to be a thing or not)

Also, is raspberry a seperate device?

Yes the raspberry pi is a separate device. It is essentially a mini computer running a debian OS variant. It can be connected and mounted on the RVR to do all kinds of stuff. Basically you can program a little brain for the RVR and let it do whatever you want. But that needs a little bit of coding knowledge too.

As for what kind of connection the EDU app uses I think it is bluetooth, but some of these apps also work by making first connection using bluetooth then switch over to a wifi connection.
Connect to the RVR and check if your mobile switched to another wifi, then you know if it is this kind of connection. If it doesn’t switch to another wifi then I guess it is purely bluetooth.

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If it is bluetooth, then how would I connect it with a bluetooth repeater? If it only connects via the app, and not in settings, then I would not be able to link it to the repeater if I correctly understand how they work.

RVR uses Bluetooth BLE to communicate. Not standard Bluetooth.



Oh, thanks. So it’d be easier to just use Raspberry and learn how to code? :sweat_smile:

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