Extending Range?

Thanks for your answer, the task is not easy for sure. Where can I find this preliminary work with the RasPi to receive input signals from SBUS using the RC receiver?

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I found this on Github ( https://github.com/1arthur1/PiSBUS ). I would like your thoughts or experience using this method, thank you

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There are several versions of the SBUS logic out there but most use inverter hardware and the serial interface to take in the 25 bytes of data. Each 25 bytes starts out with 0xF0. To decode the channels you need to brake that down into 11 bit values. You take the first 8 bits and combine that with the top 3 bits of the next byte and so on.
The values range from 200 to 1800 and have to be scaled between 1000 and 2000 to be PWM compatible.
The driver I wrote uses the raw data coming in and needs no hardware to work.
I have done very little with the Raspberry Pi and have no idea how well the driver works. It is after all just serial data that needs to be reinterpreted. I use a microcontroller that does not have an operating system that gets in the way. This way I can interface directly with most hardware with little trouble. Most requiring SPI or I2C.