Feisty RVR

After driving RVR around my house I’ve begun noticing something. Even on minimum speed, it turns super fast. Because of its sudden lurching, I’ve already chipped paint off the wall and crashed it hundreds of times.

My question is, how can I slow down its turning, if possible. It would be very nice to get it to turn slower, since I’m working on a mini camera mount, and it’s not the best with sudden movements.

Any help would be appreciated.

@Emerald_RVR - You could use a spin command (block or javascript) to have RVR spin 90° over 1 second, then move to the roll commands. This will give you control over the speed of the turn instead of the roll command controlling the rate of heading change.

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@Emerald_RVR I agree, the turning is intense… especially the whipping sound… it was scaring the cheese out of my son… my work-around in joystick mode is turning with the aim button and rolling it accordingly to my new direction. Has worked well for me when just rolling

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